Friday, May 22, 2009


Alex and I have spent the last two weeks on organic farms, working a few hours a day for room and board, and to learn something about the industry. We've been pulling weeds and harvesting salad greens in a greenhouse most recently. Spent this morning at the Farmer's's now nap time since we woke at 5am this morning.
We head to Australia in 7 days...our New Zealand time is coming to an end...

Friday, May 8, 2009


Walking down the trail seems to give one lots of time to think, which is nice if you have nice things to think about and not-so-nice when your thoughts aren't so nice.

Fortunately, being on my honeymoon, I've had lots of nice thoughts to think about.

Alex and I like to dream about what our future holds for us - our careers, our family's values, our future shack, financial, lifestyle priorities and such things...And we've had lots of time to think.

We've been reading this book together, the author used the phrase "season of speculation" to describe gardening in the winter time. It struck both of us that this time in our lives is very much that. I like this time.

Alex and I just finished a 4-day/3-night hike. We essentially circumnavigated the volcano from the Lord of the Rings movies (Mount Doom). The landscape was mostly rocky and exposed (no trees). The weather was windy but nice on the first day and then we were beaten with rain, hail, snow and lots of freezing rain (all with heavy winds, making everything come at us sideways). There is absolutely no denying it's winter (or at least late autumn). We were walking over frozen puddles and through snow on the last day of the hike. I think we've walked our last tramp in New Zealand. We are back in Auckland (same room as last time I blogged) for a day or two to check out the city and they heading north, hoping to wwoof.

Friday, May 1, 2009


hey everybody,
Alex and I flew to the North Island this afternoon. We're at a hostel in downtown Auckland, the largest city in the country.

On our date this evening, Alex and I chose to go to the Mexican restaurant in town, maybe we're a little homesick, or just ready for a something different. We realize that the South Pacific isn't necessarily known for it's Mexican cuisine, but we figured it would be fine. Turns out south pacific Mexican cooking uses a lot of soy sauce, yep, lots of soy sauce. It wasn't even Asian-Mexican fusion, just beef covered in a rich, thick, sweet soy sauce with flour tortillas on the side. It was a fine meal, just in no way Mexican.

We appreciate all the emails about the pig flu, thanks for all your concerns. We promise to wash our hands and not touch anyone.

We're heading out of town tomorrow, without a plan as of yet. We're considering WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) for a couple weeks. We've been reading a book about gardening, and it's sort of inspired us to want to meet folks living the sustainable farm dream.

We're doing well and have no flu-like symptoms.