Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Going Back to Pentecost...

Hello everyone! Lucas and I will be going back to our beautiful island tommorow on the boat. We are happy to get back and anxious to see how the gardens are and our animals are. I had a really intense training and am looking forward to having the time to absorb everything I've learned. I think that our main projects for the community will be water and sanitation. I'm going to try to do some health education in the local school just so that I can feel productive.

It was wonderful to hear how the rest of the health team was getting along and what their sites were like. Everyone's island is so so different! It seems like everyone got the best placements for them which is pretty neat.
It's been loads of fun catching up with my health friends, making dinner every night, and being able to wear shorts and dresses that show a bit of knee and shoulder...but I am ready for some quiet, less pavement, and a sky full of stars unpoluted by lights.

Three friends from Antarctica are coming to see us on Pentecost in March and we are looking forward to their visit!

We love you all and miss you all! We will be back in town around the third week of April and we will post more blogs and pictures then.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Air Vanuatu

Sometimes, we can look at how pretty the water is and how everyone is living in relative harmony and how the Ni-vans political views don't include opinions on war and I could go on and on about how great this place is, but then I go to the Air Vanuatu website and see they don't seem to offer the ability to book domestic flights on-line and I am reminded that we are indeed in the developing world.